Not All Pain Lovers Are Masochistic

In this lifestyle we choose to be involved in, almost every relationship has some form of pain involved with it.  For some it may be very mild, or more of a discomfort.  For others it may be very intense and harsh.  There are those out there that love the feel of pain.  They get turned on by it, aroused, and need it as a part of their life and from the hands of their partner.  They are the masochists.  They can't imagine going without being able to receive some sort of painful stimuli.

I think the true masochists are few and far between.  I believe that almost all submissives love, like, or learn to like some level of pain.  This does not make them masochistic.  For them it is not about the pain itself.  Pain is a side affect of the bigger picture.  For them it is about the act and the method in which the pain is received.  Most importantly, it is about the person inflicting the pain or discomfort.

For most submissives, pain from their Dominant is part of the relationship.  Whether that be spanking, nipple play, orgasm denial, or any number of other possibilities.  It the feeling they get from taking what their Dom dishes out.  It's feeling the strength and power from his hands.  It's being wiling to withstand what he does to her.  It's feeling her own submission to him in giving herself completely to him for whatever he desires.  This isn't necessarily about the pain itself.  It's much more mental and emotional than just receiving pain.  It's much more about her sense of belonging to him and giving all she has to give.

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Am I a Reflection?

I was reading Storm'y blog today, and in it her Dom/husband said:

She's a reflection on me, she's part of me, and we both want to hold ourselves and each other to high standards as we go about our lives.

And then I think, "Am I a reflection of you?"

Does my husband see me as a reflection of himself? Sometimes I really wonder this.

I certainly see him as a reflection of me. I feel embarrassed when he does foolish things, proud when he does great things. I feel that to society, as well as to our family and friends, his choices and decisions mirror back onto me. I chose this man, his actions seem to say of me. Of all the men in the world, I chose this one to join my life to. What do you think of my choice?

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