The Ebb And Flow Of Dominance

The ebb and flow!  The coming and going!  Back and forth!  From here to there and back again!  The mind and our personalities are a funny thing.  One day we can be in particular head space, and the next day be totally different.  For some people, it's not even day to day that this occurs, but maybe even hour to hour, or minute to minute.  No, I'm not talking about the mood of women and them changing without a moments notice.  I'm talking about the mindset and needs of the Dominant!We all have moods we cycle through depending on what's going on in our lives.
I am no exception, and the needs of my Dominance change as well.  There are days when I feel very sensual and passionate.  I want to be softer and more caressing.  I want to kiss gently and rub her cheek softly.  I want to enjoy the elegant and sensuous curves that make my submissive the woman she is and trail my fingertips along every single part of her.  I want to explore her and enjoy all she is.  I want to tease and heighten her senses to the touch and make her want more.  I want her to feel loved and cared for and feel that side of me.  To know that it's there and that it is part of what she gets from me.

Settle For Nothing Less…


This says what’s been on my mind lately.  Sometimes so many things run through my head about this lifestyle and D/s, yet I just can’t seem to formulate them into one complete post.  My thoughts can jump here and there and be all over the place.  But this pretty much says it all!  This says how I feel and see this and what I think it should encompass and be.