5,4,3,2,1 Drop

Mistress Ginger has Ryan spread his legs wide, so she can secure his ankles too. She wraps the cuffs around each ankle and pulls the buckles tight. Rising once again and taking Ryan chin in her hand, Ginger turns his head and stares deeply into his eyes, “slave!” she says demanding his attention, plus causing him to fall deeper because she used a trigger word again. “Are you comfortable?” Mistress Ginger ask before continuing. Ryan nods his head up and down and says, “yes Mistress”. Please with his response she cups his balls with her hand and squeezes vigorously, “Ryan, do you remember the word that I had you secretly sealed in the envelope, the last time you visited me?” Ginger asks her helpless naked and restrained slave. Ryan looks up to his left and then to his right wrist surveying his cuffs. He tests his bonds by pulling at them as much as they would permit. He relaxes once he confirms that he is not going anywhere. As for this envelope, when Mistress Ginger grabbed his balls and squeezed them, it triggered a post-hypnotic suggestion from one of their earlier sessions. In that session, she had Ryan write a word on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Ginger then had him forget about it, but mot before planting the trigger to remember it. Once Mistress Ginger grabbed his balls, he remembers the word that he had come up with. He replies to her question by saying, “yes, of course, I do Mistress. The word is…”  https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2019/02/54321-drop.html

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