Don’t Trust The Vultures…

I saw this cartoon and had to laugh.  It is a funny blurb.  But then it immediately got me to thinking.  It seems as though this is so true in real life.  Many times people seem supportive and encouraging, yet they aren’t doing it for your benefit, but rather for their own personal reasons and gain.

Because it’s the way my brain works, I immediately related this picture and my thoughts to this lifestyle.  Trust is the cornerstone of it all.  Being able to trust someone, or a group of people in this lifestyle is at the core essence of all this is.  Domination requires trust.  Submission requires trust.  If you don’t have that trust then you have nothing.  The vultures will try to push and test you, regardless of trust.  Don’t let them!

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The Triple-Header of Sex

The Triple-Header is what I call that crowning achievement of male prowess in the bedroom. It’s a little graphic, so head on over to some of my tamer how-tos if that’s not what you’re in to.

So here’s the triple header.

Base 1: He makes you come with his finger. The more the better. Until you’re panting for him to stop. No mercy, men.

Base 2: He makes you come with his cock. Either G-spot or clit counts.

Base 3: He makes you come with his cock in your ass. Hits the G-spot from behind, and total domination points.


If that’s what you’re in to.


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