Fantasy – In Public

We have had sex in a parking lot.  I have worn nipple clamps to an event.  I have clenched an egg in my pussy through dinner while he periodically vibrated it via remote control.  I have been naked on various parts of my body in the car as we drive down the freeway.  For the most part, these public displays have been great for us.

Because they have happened, I find that I sometimes let my mind wander around other public possibilities.

Of course, I am the more timid one in a public setting, so I get a little anxious at the things he could think up.  It doesn’t help that one of my favorite erotica books is about a secretary being trained by her boss and he tortures her with various implements while she is answering phones (and only while she is answering phones).

At one point, she is stripped to her bra and tied to the chair and

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