Experience Spending The Holidays With My Sex Doll

The reason you don’t need to be alone this coming holidays and how a doll can put a smile on your face this coming Xmas

Tony, a Sexy Real Sex Dolls customer shares his experience about how he spent the last holidays with his sex doll

As you probably know by now, sex dolls are an important part of my life and I pretty much don’t know how my life would’ve been without the charming Jasmine by my side. And as a sex doll enthusiast, I like digging into practical topics that revolve around incorporating a sex doll into your day to day life and actually making it work.

Contrary to popular opinion, I was raised in a Christian home with a set of strict disciplinarian parents. I actually hated the idea of using one leave alone having it in my house- I know I’m not alone. But thanks to self-awareness and maintained efforts by sex doll designers to improve their quality and functionality, there are numerous options available and sex doll buyers are spoilt for choice.

From the inflatable clones that had very little to offer to what are now realistic, life-size sex dolls, I must say I’m lucky to have experienced the transition. The inclusion of lifelike silicone and TPE materials was a major move that would see sex doll designers produce one of the most realistic novelties the world has ever seen. Other inclusions such as the movable joints and full-body skeletons also made the experience more relatable as the dolls could now mimic human movements during sex.

And if you haven’t still made the decision on whether to go ahead and skinny dip in this ocean of wild fun, hang on, I’m coming for you…

sexy jasmine love doll in holidays

Most people who are hesitant about getting a sex doll are either held up by the thought of spending a few hundred bucks on a sex doll or choking on the ‘societal values’ cord. I also had a problem making the decision to go all out and part ways with a portion of my account balance. But if you want my honest opinion on whether it was the right thing to do, I’ll be real with you- everything about it was WORTH IT! I’ve had my sex doll for close to two years and never have I thought of the cost incurred but rather the myriad of benefits enjoyed.

In fact, it seems like every day is a new experience with Jasmine! My Jasmine.

On the ‘societal values’ front though, I think it all depends on the individual. As said earlier, I was brought up in a reserved family by two strict parents, and look at me now- enjoying life with a 5ft4’ H-Cup voluptuous sex doll and taking you through the experience. What a rebel. You must be thinking!

I attribute the obsession for sex dolls to my hunger for information as well as the recent developments that have made the dolls super realistic. I have always researched on intriguing topics to get clarity and the sex doll issue was one that I spent a fair share of my teenage years delving deep.

So, away from the harsh ‘societal norms’ and tricky economic decision, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t have a sex doll. There are numerous benefits of having one and hardly any shortcomings. From offering an ideal alternative, especially for people who’ve gone through tragic experiences like losing a loved one, to inducing a new wave of fun and excitement to your sex life, you can never go wrong with these immaculate beings.

black friday deal sex doll

And now that we’ve pretty much looked into the development of sex dolls and why you need one, let’s focus on how you can spend the holidays with one.

Remember, you don’t have to be alone this year! A realistic sex doll can offer you company and help you enjoy the holidays just like everybody else. Especially for Christmas and Halloween holidays, which are mostly spent indoor (at least for me), rummaging a few ideas on how to integrate your sex doll and enjoy the day together will hurt no one.

winter sex doll snow

So, how do you enjoy the holidays with the sex doll? Here’s how;

  1. Dress Up in Matching Attires

Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, there’s nothing better than enjoying time together with your sex doll adorned in matching outfits. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and you certainly want to enjoy the moment. And probably one of the best ideas, why not go all out with the Santa attire throughout the day? Make sure you get the right fit and carry on with the day’s activity while taking cool photos to reminisce on later.

My Experience; I tagged Jasmine along for costume shopping last year and I think I don’t plan on leaving her behind this year. I enjoyed trying out insane options and dramatizing different scripts with her. In fact, because of the experience, we bought a totally different costume from what we had in mind before leaving the house. I’ve spent two Christmas holidays with Jasmine around and we’ve dressed as Santa for both. We always spend a fair share of the day in the backyard barbecuing, enjoying the sun, and of course, taking cool photos.

santa elf sex doll

  1. Watch A Movie

After all is said and done, nothing beats a cuddly night, watching your favorite movie with your sex doll. Pick an appropriate movie for either of the holidays and enjoy the lovely mellows or daunting scares together. You can either watch the movie in the house or invest your time to build a simple DIY theatre in the backyard. Set out everything well and don’t forget to include a fireplace to keep the place nice and warm.

Personally, I’d go for the backyard theatre, especially for Halloween, seeing there’s a lot you can do to spice up the experience and bring out the Halloween theme. For the theatre, you can bring a couch and stuff it with comfortable pillows. Also, do away with the lights and instead use candles or DIY lamps.

Make sure the movie is reminiscent of the particular holiday and enjoy the moment. You can also decide whether to watch a movie or binge-watch a season of American Horror story depending on your schedule for Halloween.

My Experience; For both holidays, I prefer ending the day with an appropriate movie in a simple DIY movie theater in my backyard. For Christmas, we watched two movies, A Christmas Prince and Christmas at Pemberley Manor. Halloween was a bit different as we had other plans, but we watched the Hereditary, a thrilling film that I’ll probably never forget.

snowboard sex doll

  1. Decorate the Backyard.

As you’ve already picked up, I enjoy spending time in my backyard and decorating is a significant event that Jasmine always helps me with. Go for decorations shopping and start off early enough to ensure everything is ready by the D-day. Get the appropriate decorations in time and get down as soon as you have everything.

My Experience; Decorating the backyard is always important for me, and I always plan ahead of time to have a clear picture of what I really want my backyard to look like. I always carry Jasmine in my truck when heading out for decoration shopping.

I also try to be different for every year but something that has not changed yet is having Jasmine with me throughout the day. A well decorated backyard screams my preferred theme and most importantly, provides a great background for the day’s photos.

sex doll gift

  1. Exchange Gifts

Probably, the most noble thing to do over the holidays, exchanging gifts is an ideal way of showing appreciation and gratitude to your significant other. I’m guessing by now you know your sex doll well and picking the right gift for her won’t be a problem. Pick an appropriate gift for the holiday- for Halloween, common gift ideas include witch socks, batty gift, witch’s survival kits, among others. For Christmas, you can buy a personalized cashmere sweater with her favorite color, a zodiac sign necklace, among others.

My Experience; Having lived my sex doll for close to two years, I’ve certainly understood her likes as well as what looks great on her. Depending on the particular holiday, I’ll always go for an alluring item of clothing, necklace, or a gift bouquet.

That’s it folks! You don’t have to be alone for another year. Spending the holidays with your sex doll can be enjoyable and it only takes a few adjustments and planning to make it work. Most of the activities I’ve taken you through are simple and cost-effective, and you won’t have to leave the house.

So, enjoy the holidays with your sex doll and don’t forget to cap all the fun with some wild, holiday-themed sex. Especially when you have a well-set outdoor theatre, you can never go wrong.


The Taking

Why the violent orgasm? Why the taking and the biting and the rough?

Because, he told me, he was a male and could do this to me. This turned me on so much I repeated it in my head a long while.
Next time, I hope he chants it to me.

The Time And Effort She Deserves…

There are a lot of different facets to this lifestyle.  There are many ways to go about carrying out the power exchange dynamics we all enjoy, and none of them are wrong.  We all go about doing things a little different and in ways that work best for us and our relationships.  Yet, there are some similarities across all of the dynamics in how a Dominant needs to conduct himself.  There are certain behaviors that I see as being mandatory and not up for discussion.

Anyone can cause pain and create marks on someone else.  Anyone can be aggressive and controlling.  Anyone can spend a little time in a scene with someone and push their limits.  The pain will go away.  The bruises will go away.  The marks will eventually fade and go away.  As a Dominant, it’s the way you treat your submissive outside of these times that will stay with her and will last.

A Dominant has to give his submissive care and support throughout their relationship.  He has to offer reassurance and encouragement.  He has to make her feel appreciated for her submission, what she is willing to endure for him, and even as the woman she is in being his partner.  This sin’t something that is only part of a scene together.  It has to be part of the entire relationship, every single day.  It is this being there for her, and helping support her in being who she is for you, that will last and stick in her mind.  It is being treated like she is important and that you care that will stay with her most.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many “Dominants” think being Dominant is just about the scene, using her sexually, or making her suffer pain.  They just want the action and fun and then are on their way.  They don’t understand aftercare and the importance of it.  They don’t understand continual ongoing care and the importance of it.  They don’t understand that it’s the time between your scenes that are most important.  This time is what helps her process what happened, gives her constant reassurance, and makes her want and need more from you.

A Dominant cannot just be  part of the scene and then disappear or not put forth any effort.  It’s this effort that solidifies and reinforces who she is and what she gives.  She cannot be left floundering on her own to deal with everything.  As a Dominant, you have asked for her submission and she has given it to you, so you have to be willing and able to take her on.  Her submission is not just about the actual physical acts, but helping her learn and grow in addition to that as well.  If left to herself she will not be getting what she needs from you.  She will withdraw.  She will lose trust in you as her Dominant.  She will lose respect for you as her Dominant.  Ultimately this will mean you lose her submission to you.  Once this happens, it will be very difficult to regain, if not impossible.

A power exchange relationship, of whatever dynamic you choose, is a constant ongoing process and exchange.  It’s not just for the fun aspects and when it’s convenient.  When you invest yourself and your time into your partner, you can find more than you ever dreamed and get more from your partner than you ever knew you could have.  If you don’t give the time and effort, you are doomed to fail.  She is worth and deserves that effort from you as her Dominant.  Don’t be that guy that just uses her for your own enjoyment and pushes her aside.  Be the Dominant she needs all the time.  I promise you will get more in return than you ever imagined, and it will continue to only get better.


How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go to make your partner enjoy your sex life? Not just nod and smile through it, but really enjoy it?

Would you be mean and dominating, if that’s what it took to turn her on?

Would you pin her down, talk dirty to her, bite her hard? Would you read D/s blogs and discuss with her what you liked, didn’t like, agreed with, and thought was a turn-on?

Would you pray with her for a better sex life?

Would you dust off the old toys and handcuff her, whip her, frighten her, make her cry, and then hold and comfort her while you brought her to orgasm?

I wish someone would do that for me.

Is It Play Or Is It Real?!?!

For me it’s fairly easy to break BDSM into two main categories.  First, there are those that just like the kink and the role play, which I call kinksters.  It may just be sexually or from time to time for fun or as a way to spice things up.  The second is those that Domination and submission is is a deep part of who they are and something they need in their life.  It transcends just play and kink and is some they need to feel complete and whole.  It’s a way of life.  I, without a doubt, fall into the second group.  It’s a part of me and what I need to have as a part of a relationship.  It’s part of who I am.  There is nothing wrong with being a kinkster, so don’t get me wrong.  Either is fine as long as it works for the person engaged in it.  You have to find what fits and is right for you.  But just for play or a role…not for me.

Whenever I see problems within this lifestyle, one way or another it seems to come back to the difference in these two categories, or at least many times it does.  And when people are new to this, especially Dominants, or those claiming to be Dominants, this is the part they just don’t get…not yet anyway.  This doesn’t mean they can’t learn and that most don’t want to learn, but they aren’t there yet. These Dominants jump right in when they see this and think it looks fun.  They think it would be great to have a woman be at his beck and call.  

Many submissive women, on the other hand, come into this with a deeper understanding initially of who they are and what they need.  They have looked at this for a long time before taking steps towards this lifestyle.  They know it’s a part of who they are and what they need.  They have likely battled within themselves as to whether they can or really want to do this.  Or whether they feel it’s even right and ok to do this.  They may be very scared and vulnerable but know they need a Dominant Man in their life to be accountable to and to have oversee them.

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The Fear Of…

I have noticed over my years of being a Dominant (that made me sound old didn’t it?!?!  lol!), that there are a lot of of very strong women that want and need to be involved in a power exchange relationship.  Many of these women have a personality than no one would ever think that they would want to submit to someone.  They are very independent, strong, confident, attractive, and project themselves well in front of others.  Their daily lives many times consists of having to be in charge, lead, and direct.  They are in positions of authority in the workplace or community.  They are very goal oriented, and even perfectionists in all they do.  Even to the point of being a bit OCD in having to have everything a certain way.

So, why on earth would a woman like this be interested in a relationship where she has no power or control?  Why would she want to submit and give control to someone else?  The simple answer…because she needs it.   Many times, this type woman is in these positions because of her drive to succeed.  Yet, she craves direction.  Her need to achieve, being able to follow direction, accomplish all that has been asked her, and move up the ladder within her career has gained her all she has sought.  But, now she has surpassed being able to follow directives and achieve what has been asked of her.  She is now the one in charge, and that may not sit well with her needs.  The irony is that her need to please and do well, and flourishing under others, is the very thing that moved her up into a position of having to guide others beneath her.  Doing so well for others, at least in the workplace, is what got her noticed, promoted, and put in charge.

In being able to submit, it is her release.  It’s gets her back in balance, and it the one place she can let go of the pressures of everything else and relax.  She feels most comfortable in being in a structured environment where she is accountable to someone else.  A place where someone else has oversight of her.  For many overachieving women, though, this brings on a new problem within the D/s realm.  That problem is Fear.  It’s not fear of her partner, fear of what he may do, or fear of what he will require of her.  It’s fear of not being enough.  Fear of disappointing him.

In the workplace, there are boundaries.  She can only be pushed so far.  In her relationship, she knows she can constantly be pushed.  She can be pushed further than in anything else.  This can bring out a fear of disappointment.  In her mind, this is worse than anything that could be done to her.  She is used to being able to accomplish her goals and succeed.  But in D/s, she will be pushed mentally, emotionally, and physically like in nothing else.  She will be made to bare herself, emotionally and physically,  The one thing that can hold her back is the fear of not being enough to her Dominant.  Not being enough as a woman.  Not being enough as a submissive.  Not being able to give enough of herself, and the fear that she will disappoint her Dom in her efforts.  She is used to giving her all and being successful.  Yet, in D/s she is afraid that she will not be as successful and will let her Dominant down.  This fear can take over and cause a lot of problems in the relationship if not noticed and handled properly.

Luckily for us Doms, this can be a good thing.  With some care and attention, and lots of communication, this can be addressed.  In handling this carefully, showing her what she means to you, and that you have no worry at all on your side about her ability to please you, she can find comfort in her abilities and what she means to you.  It takes a lot of care, support and reassurance.  But in the end, this process can bring you both closer, build the trust level to be stronger, and she will respect you more for the Dominant you are in helping, supporting and guiding her.  She will respect and believe in you more as a man, for taking the time to show her that her fears are unfounded, and just how grateful you are for all she is and gives to you.

Fear of being a disappointment is something all Dominants need to be aware of abut their submissives. In the Doms mind, it may be completely unfounded.  But in her mind, it is very real.  And most importantly, if it is real to her, then it better become real to you.  Do not make light of it and push it aside.  Be very aware of it, and learn how to deal with it.  She will appreciate you more for understanding and working her through this mental block.  To me, it’s part of the process in being a good leader and Dom for her.  It isn’t always just fun play and games.  There are serious situations that sometimes need to be addressed.  It can take time, as well, to work through these issues.  But, the end result in taking this time and working through this together, is well worth all the effort.



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