Barbara’s Birthday Spanking

Barbara was my regular party maid back when I used to host monthly tgirl play parties. She was kind of a pain in the ass sometimes but with her heart in the right place. And it was her birthday, so I’d decided to give her a special treat. During the December party she would get her birthday spankings. All 50 of them.

She was under orders to bring snacks; I’d told her to bring crackers and cheese and fig newtons for my friend Sir Thomas who loves them. She exceeded my expectations by arranging lovely platter of meats and cheeses which pleased me quite a lot.

She was also under orders to wear her PVC maid’s uniform. This uniform has long sleeves and a short skirt and was shiny and black and very very tight. I insisted that Barbara look the part of “bondage maid” – it’s what she was there for! – so she was firmly tucked…her waist tightly corseted…and she wore multiple layers of stockings to make her hairy legs appear silky smooth. I must confess found it a bit frustrating that all that corseting, tucking, and padding made it impossible for me to actually touch her skin. But I was consoled by the fact that I was not in the least attracted to Barbara. She’s just not my “type”, which made it even easier for me to boss her around disdainfully, keep her perpetually teased and never satisfied.

She ate it up.

It took a while for Barbara to get dressed. The transformation from a somewhat beefy auto mechanic to a perfectly made up, padded, tucked & corseted bondage maid is time-consuming.

When she was finally finished with her transformation it was time to put her in bondage. Barbara loved bondage more than anything else. She adored the feeling of being tightly constrained, of not being able to move, of being trapped, helpless, and at my mercy. The damsel in distress is what she most loved to be.

Barbara also had quite a fetish for gags. And she had a dreadful tendency to give suggestions when they’re not wanted. So it worked out very nicely that Barbara loved being gagged so much; I found gagging her to be an excellent way of dealing with this woeful tendency.

The restraint system created to wear while she served as my party maid consisted of cuffs at her wrists, ankles, elbows, and knees. Each of these cuffs were connected to the rest by chains, and once all of the cuffs are connected together they were fastened to her collar. With all the pieces on she was hobbled; unable to move her hands, arms, legs or feet freely.

Barbara had arrived just in time for the movie that we were watching that afternoon. So as soon as she was dressed and chained I ordered her to make popcorn. She popped corn and spent some time carrying bags of popcorn around the room serving everyone and taking their drink orders. Once everyone had their snacks and drinks I ordered Barbara to sit in a chair beside the wall waiting until she was needed again. After 45 minutes or so I sent her around the room again checking refreshments, and making sure that all the guests had everything they needed.

After the second round of serving drinks and snacks I decided to give Barbara a little taste of what she’d been craving. I had her sit back down in the chair and proceeded to tie her to it. Knowing that Sir Thomas was a rope aficionado I’d previously asked him to help me with this little damsel in distress bondage session. He was happy to oblige and we tied my little sissy maid very tightly to her chair. Her knees were wrapped in rope and drawn apart so that her thighs were spread wide and I’d flipped her skirt up to completely expose her frilly sissy panties.  Her ankles were tightly bound to the chair legs and her wrists and elbows secured to the iron cage behind her chair. She was gagged of course, with a pair of panties balled up, stuffed in her mouth and held in place by a knotted silk scarf.  She was blindfolded too, another silk scarf folded up and wrapped tightly around her head. Both the gag and blindfold were held in place by a third scarf wrapped over her head and tied securely around her neck.  As the final touch Sir Thomas had arranged a sort of cage of ropes that went over her face pulling her head back and holding it immobile.

I left her like this tied helpless in the chair for several hours; finally releasing her when the evening guests began to arrive. As the nighttime partygoers trickled in Barbara had a few minutes to work the kinks out of her joints.  She touched up her makeup and smoothed out her hair in preparation for the next session. Then she arranged a fresh platter of meats, crackers, and cheeses along with utensils and napkins on a serving tray. After a good number of guests had assembled, I summoned my party maid to me.  When she’d taken her place before me, head submissively bowed, I threaded a long satin ribbon through the loop in her collar.  I then led her around the room with her tray of meats and cheeses.

Her manners were pretty as she presented the refreshments, offering little curtsies along with the nibbles. Everyone seemed pleased with the food and service and I think Barbara was deservedly proud of herself. Naturally I took pains tell everyone that it was her birthday and she would soon be bending over for her spankings.

Soon enough her rounds with a serving tray were finished and it was time for Barbara to get her real treat for the evening. I ordered her to put the foodstuffs away and tidy up. When she returned to stand demurely in front of me I led her over to the conveniently placed spanking bench. I made her bend over and placed her hands flat on the bench. I lifted her skirt in the back to once more expose her frilly ruffled panties and tucked her crinolines into the waistband of her uniform to keep them out of the way. Finally my sissy bondage maid was ready to begin receiving her birthday spankings. I selected an implement from my bag, a large wooden spoon, and started her off with a few good whacks. Interested onlookers were gathering, and I invited them to join in.

Truth be told I can’t recall how many people participated in Barbara’s paddling or exactly which implements they used. There were canes, crops, floggers and paddles, and at least half a dozen of the assembled guests helped to administer the 50 whacks that Barbara counted out in a clear loud voice. And I suppose it would be understandable for you to think, dear reader, that Barbara’s punishment ended there.

But I was just getting warmed up.

Once Barbara had taken a full 50 blows. I led her to the side of the room where I’d previously arranged a low, padded stool. I settled myself comfortably on the stool and instructed her to lie across my lap. I had promised the birthday girl an over the knee spanking and she was about to get her birthday gift. As I said, I find Barbara’s many layers of clothing to be somewhat frustrating in these situations. But between my bare hand, a black wooden paddle and my red leather slapper, I brought a satisfying redness to her pantyhose covered buttocks. I held her tightly around the waist as I spanked her and admired the pretty picture made by her frothy white crinolines surrounding her exposed red asscheeks.

When I finally decided she’d been paddled soundly enough I allowed Barbara to climb down from my lap, then ordered her to show her thanks by kissing & worshiping my feet. After I’d had enough of her foot worship I lead her into the corner and seated her in the club’s medical chair. And there I tied her down once again, tightly tying her arms, legs and even her chest to the sturdy metal chair. Another panty gag was placed in her mouth, her eyes were blindfolded once more, and Barbara spent the rest of her birthday evening happily bound in the corner with Mistress occasionally stroking her legs.

The Mental and Emotional Benefits…

I read a post a week ago by P Surren titled “Statistics is Becoming a Real Pain in My Ass”.  Most of the

post was about her struggles with her statistics class and how much she hates and doesn’t understand it.  But that’s not what the main point of the post was, at least not to me.  You see, as much as she was struggling and stressing over it, it was the spanking her Daddy gave her that helped get her focused and back on track.

We are all involved in this lifestyle for many reasons.  We all get something from it and need things from it that help us stay in balance and feeling our best.  Without it, we feel as though we are lacking or missing something.  There is a void.  Sometimes it’s the physical aspects we need.  Sometimes it’s the mental and emotional calmness it gives us.  And sometimes it is the combination of it all.

As much as we all read and see the sexual aspects of this lifestyle, it’s not always about the sex.  It’s what is behind the sex that we thrive on.  It’s the power and control that drives us.  For some, it’s giving up that power and control.  For others, it’s having it and being able to exert it.  Yes, that may bring about the sexual play and arousal, but it’s the power, or lack thereof, that we need the most.

In the case of P Surren it had nothing at all do to with sex, and I think in the day to day lives we lead within this lifestyle, that is typically the case.  It’s being in our roles and place for each other within our relationships. There are submissives that need the guidance, leadership and Dominance of their partner, and there are the Dominants that need to be able to lead, be in control, and have the submission of their partner.  Each one works together to be what the other needs.  Each feeds off the other.  We need this exchange back and forth to be able to be who we are, to feel right, and to feel like ourselves…to feel balanced and centered…to feel focused.

For P Surren, she was off-kilter, couldn’t focus, and was really stressed and having a hard time.  Her Daddy recognized this, called her aside, and gave her the spanking she needed to be able to let go of the stress, clear her mind, and get back on track.  What it the spanking itself?  Was it her Daddy stepping up, taking the lead, recognizing her problem, and taking action with his Dominant position?  I believe it was a combination of both.  It was both of these things that she needed to relieve her stress, be able to feel more like herself, and get re-balanced.

I think this speaks loudly to the essence of what this lifestyle is and means to us.  It’s not just about the sex, or bondage, or wild play.  It’s about the peace and serenity it gives us.  It’s about the benefits we see on a mental and emotional level from being involved in a power exchange relationship.  In no way is this what everyone likes or needs, or is it for everyone.  Yet, I think the basis of it is pretty much the same for us all.  It centers around the exchange of power and roles in the relationship, and just how much we really do need that in our lives.  It helps provide the balance we need to feel like ourselves through the expression of this give and take of Power and Dominance.

This is certainly not just geared towards the submissive either.  I think this is just as much of a need for the Dominant.  As much as the submissive needs to feel this power over her, the Dominant needs to feel his power and control and know that it is expected of him, accepted from him, and that his actions in being this way do have great benefits to his submissive.  In the case of P Surren, I’m sure her Daddy got just as much from the spanking as she did.  There is no better feeling for a Dominant than the satisfaction of seeing his submissive happy and content from his Dominance, and knowing she is that way because of him.

We all gain from this, Dominant and submissive alike.  The mental and emotional benefits for us are great.  And when everyone is happy and content, the rest of the relationship will be able to flourish and go farther as well.  So, go do some spanking, or whatever activity you prefer, and find your balance and happiness.  It’s waiting for you!


I keep wanting to write this, but I keep stopping.  I stop because I don’t want anyone to think I am complaining.  I’m not.  We have it pretty good right now, and if we aren’t able to connect as often lately, it is more because of my health and work than his.  And he NEVER gives me a hard time when I am having a hard time.  Which is pretty great of him.

So, this is not a complaint.  It is more of an observation.

I miss being spanked.

We slipped out of the habit of doing it one day.  I think we both think about it from time to time, but then we just don’t.  And the more time passes, the less we probably think of it.  Yes, Conina’s fabulous floggers are gathering dust and not fulfilling their divine purpose.

I miss being spanked.

But it is more than that.  It has dawned on me that I miss having a secret.  I like the random moments when I feel my bottom tingle a bit and no one knows it.  I like talking with a client about a serious issue while thinking – “what if I told them I was distracted because I was flogged just before coming over?”  I like the way having such a naughty secret makes me feel more feminine and yes, more powerful, out in the world.

When I was regularly being spanked, I would think, “I have to tell people about this!”  But now that we have stepped away for a while, I don’t know if I would think that again.  I have learned that having something to smile about silently is more than half the fun.

I miss being spanked.

Spanking Goes Primetime… (So Funny)

One of my most favorite shows of all time is the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.  It’s the funniest show and it revolves around some twenty somethings, who are uber-smart geniuses, socially awkward, sci-fi junkie physicists and biologists.  If you have never watched it, I would recommend it for some really good humor.Two of the people on the show, that play roles where they are way too smart for their own good, are in a relationship that is…well, awkward and mostly platonic for lack of understanding relationships.  Although the female (Amy) wants more, and the male (Sheldon) has no clue about even how to have a relationship on any level.  Apparently in last night new episode, there was some spanking involved for some bad behavior.  This is one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen on the show, and is a must watch…at least to me.

I couldn’t find a way to embed the video, but the link is below.  Enjoy!

***Update…finally found it on youtube and embedded it.  🙂 ***


A New Understanding… Self-Discovery

I have always been a proponent that certain things cannot be forced.  That has always been my approach to D/s.  As much as I can make demands, set rules, define the relationship, there are some things I just won’t do or force.  To me, there is much more to be gained with some things when they are discovered on their own by the submissive.

It is a sort of self-discovery.  Not as in finding oneself, but in realizing certain things and having that “Ah Ha Light bulb Moment”.  The one where something just all of sudden makes sense and was realized on her own.  Mostly this revolves around feelings and emotions.  Around her thinking and views about a particular subject.  For whatever reason, in that moment, it just clicks and now there is a completely new understanding.

As a Dom, I can tell her how things are going to be.  I can tell her how she should view something and how it will be viewed within our relationship.  She may accept that and go with it, but at that time it will just be there.  It’s like another rule.  It’s just something that is expected of her.

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