Husband Punishes Wife Without Spanking

There is a serious lack of information on any sort of husband-led relationship that includes disciplines without spanking. Seriously, every time you type it in, whether you’re looking for tips or support or erotic or that damn porn that always creeps up begging for clicks, because heaven forbid you want information not found in highly unrealistic pornography.

We have a relationship with punishment and domination without spanking. In fact, I haven’t been spanked in years. Not only because I’ve been so good. Also because that’s not the way our D/s works.

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1 thought on “Husband Punishes Wife Without Spanking”

  1. Hello, I am a Dominant Husband and my wife is the submissive. We use spanking as a discipline but… only for willful disobedience. We use other forms of punishment, standing in the corner naked, withholding orgasm and a few other types in our relationship. Although we’ve been married for 37 years, we still worked out a contract with these terms. The one thing that we do not do is humiliation.

    I would be interested in hearing more.


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