Pushing Her Mental Boundaries…

I have been asked about the theme of my tumblr blog and it being BDSM related yet I post a lot of girl on girl pics.  There isn’t a simple answer to this.  It’s much more involved then one might think.  Of course, there is the fact that those pics are just plain hot and I post them because I like them.  Yet, it also goes deeper than that in relation to my slave.
My slave has always had bisexual desires and found women attractive.  Getting her to admit she has those desires has been a bit more of a challenge.  It has taken work and time and patience.  It has taken a lot of support and encouragement in letting her know that it is ok to desire the things she does, not just with her bisexuality but also being the slave she needs to be, her desire and love of pain, and a whole host of other things.  It has taken her becoming more secure in what we have, who she is for me, and that we are in this together no matter what.  Everyone has those certain mental boundaries that are an issue for them, and her admitting her desires for women has been one of those.
There are multiple levels to her coming to terms with her bisexuality, or at least the desire for it, and how it fits within our Master/slave relationship.  She has the thoughts of her being made to please other women.  Her being allowed to make other women please her.  Her bringing another woman to her Master for him to enjoy while she has to watch, or maybe she will be allowed to join.  Us bringing another woman into our relationship on a longer term basis to teach and to submit to us and become a part of what we have.  
There are many possible ways to involve another woman and she loves the thought of them all, but that has taken time to get to this point.  This is where it is your job as a Dominant or Master to work with her.  Something like this can’t be forced or demanded.  It can’t be shoved down her throat (no pun intended) as an ultimatum.  I guess it could be, but you won’t get the desired result from doing it that way.  She may do it if forced, but she won’t be doing it because she wants it.  I would much rather help her get there, help her accept her desires, and help her embrace her desires so that it is something she wants and needs, and isn’t something she is doing just because she is required.  To me, that is the sign of a good leader… inspire her to do more and become more, not force it upon her.  Lead her to want to do it and not just do it because she has no choice.  
Back to the original question… why do I post girl on girl and threesome pics?  Because we both like them.  It’s something we both enjoy.  I know she will be looking at my tumblr, as I will be hers, and seeing what pics have been posted.  It helps us talk about these fantasies and thoughts and communicate more about it.  Because it turns her on to post and see these pics and embrace her desires.  So yes, they are hot and we just like them, but there is also a deeper reasoning behind posting them that helps to fuel our Master/slave relationship and what we both want from it together.  


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