Sex problems

My new sub angst (or not so new) is how to combine my ideas of D/s and our real life.

I want a great sex life. I want to be turned on by my husband. I want to want him. My perfect scenario would be we have great D/s control almost every day, with kissing or making out or messing around most days, and sex 1-3 times a week but still sexual activity most days. In this scenario I would want him and would be eager for sex and we’d both enjoy it.

But it’s not that way. I don’t want sex. If he initiates it I shrink away, feeling scared and sick and sort of disgusted. If he continues I might get into it just because he’s controlling me, but then after a few minutes I get bored and I just resent him because I think it’s taking FOREVER and why can’t he just come in 5 minutes?

And then I resent him because it seems he either wants sex or nothing. I miss when we were dating and we weren’t having sex. Because our “sex life” was much better then. We made out, it was hot and heavy and sexy. We messed around a lot and would spend hours pleasing each other and it was great. That never happens now. He wants sex, or I don’t want sex, and we don’t do anything.

I want to want sex. But I don’t.

I have dreams where I am turned on by him. I want him, the way I used to. Arousal and orgasm are so much better in these dreams. But, when real life comes, I barely get turned on. I can come with a vibrator, but it’s nothing compared to an emotional orgasm with someone I love and who knows how to please me. It feels good, but impersonal, and it has nothing to do with him.

When I use my vibrator I try to think about him. I try to imagine he is bossing me around and telling me what to do and I am so mentally turned on. But it is hard to maintain that fantasy. It’s been too long. It is easier to just enjoy the physical sensations and not think about him at all. And then, when my mind starts to wander, I picture a new, tall, muscular man who dominates me completely. And then I feel guilty for not picturing my husband and I have to concentrate on not picturing anyone.

I need to get mentally engaged in our sex life again. But how?

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