Twas The Day Before Christmas (A Kink Poem)…

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through kink-land
Asses were stinging, from receiving firm hands
The subs were all hung, from the rafters with care
They were told to watch the attitude, but sassy still they dared
Floggers and paddles, whips and canes
Lashed at their skin, delivering sweet pain
They tried to deny, the joy that it brings
By crying tears, and letting out screams
But the Doms knew better, the sub’s bodies betray
No way they can hide, their heated display
The wetness glistens, as it builds more and more
For the most turned on, the evidence drips to the floor
Released from their hanging, and held very tight
The subs felt lovely safety, in the arms of their Knights
This didn’t last, as the Doms were not done
He now was to show her, she was the one
The one that he owns, and belongs to him
He can take her whenever, at his own whim
He flipped her over, grabbed a fistful of hair
She his possession, her body he wouldn’t spare
He plunged into her, so forceful and deep
She let out a moan, knowing she was his to keep
He took what was his, and still she wanted more
She needed to feel, her body used and sore
This is who she is, it’s who she needs to be
It’s what’s she’s dreamed of, bowing from her knees
Together they fit, like a glove made for each
Reaching new heights, as one they will reach
Each with the need, for what the other gives
Every single day, this is how they want to live
With collars cinched on, and ropes secured tight
I wish you all, a Merry Christmas day and night

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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